Connect U-Blox ZED-F9P to OpenIMU

Re: INS Support for MTK3339 Chipset

![0_1576184814619_wiring_zed_f9p_openimu_3.png](Uploading 100%)

I connected U-Blox F9P module to OpenIMS300 (INS App) by following the wiring instruction in the document and above dated 5/15/2019. But the latitude and longitude are "0" (Note: I connected the F9P module to PC and used the U-center software provided by U-Blox, the latitude and longitude are not 0). What's is wrong?

how much is U-Blox ZED-F9P ?

@John-Xie , your question has been answered in another post. And, please don't ask the same question in different posts.
If that does not solve your problem, please feel free to ask here.


Yes. I knew it. But I followed the wiring instruction, it is still “0”.

Any hint?

Thank you.

Wiring is the first step. You need also to config the receiver protocol to output NMEA or NAV-PVT, and config OpenIMU300ZI to the protocol you configured.
If there is still no luck, you need to dive into the GPS driver in the source code to see why.


@John-Xie , is there any luck?

Dear Xiaoguang,

It is still “0”.

I just got U-Blox M8Q and will hook it up with OpenIMU300 to see what happens.


Dear Xiaoguang,

Using U-Blox M8Q, I got non-zer0 GPS data. See he results posted below

@John-Xie , The system seems working. However, if you are using an old version of the firmware, I would suggest you updte to the latest firmware via the Aceinna extension because there are many updates.

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