ZED-F9P Connection Question

Hello, I have asked quite a few questions in the last couple days. Thank you in advanced for your direction

I have a ZED-F9P ardusimple Board. I have configured it to output only NMEA data. I have tried 115200 and 230400 Baudrate. The OpenIMU documentation says that 115200 is the default baud rate, but the monitor showed that it was at 230400 baudrate.
I am able to pull data into the rasberry pi and prove out that I am getting data from the ZED-F9P.

I am worried that it is the wrong data format than OPENIMU is expecting. Does OPENIMU expect NMEA as the data format or other?

  1. Screen of the Ublox settings.
  2. Screen Shot of OPENIMU Monitor
  3. Screen Shot of Rasberry Pi.

F9P Settings.png

aceinna record.png ![pi screenshot.png]



For wiring, I have 3.3 reference voltage, common ground, rx, tx.

pls refer to another topic to check the default user-config and HW connections.
default user-config of GPS&USER SERIAL are:
HW connections:

Please refer to this for a quick start:
Unless you have no other choice, don't use NMEA. For ublox, we support nav-pvt. You can config your unit to output and only output ublox binary nav-pvt. If you have to use NMEA, you need to config the unit to output GGA, VTG and RMC.
There are also other posts in the forum about INS. You could also first search in the forum.

Thank you for your help. I took me awhile to figure out how to configure UCENTER how to output nav-pvt messages.

The links you provided I have read before, they are well put together and easy to understand. Ucenter is a little more confusing if you have never used it before. I am now getting NAVPVT data to the OpenIMU monitor. Thank you!

Hello, I currently have a zed-f9p development board. I want to develop a gnss-ins fusion navigation system. Can I buy the open imu 300 development board? To meet my requirements

@Swingw , you buy an OpenIMU300ZI evk.

ok,thank you

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