OpenIMU300RI: can not be detect after upgrade VG_AHRS app

I upgrade VG_AHRS ver 1.1.0 with link below.

And after that I can not detect the device any more.(NAVVIEWV356 or python-openimu)
Are there any way to reset IMU?

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pls show pic what is in your side? i mean EVK HW.
pls supply SN number of your 300RI? SN are composed by 10 figures, such as: 1908811027 in my hands.

@cek Thanks for the response.
I connect device to pc via usb-rs232 converter as pic below.



SN number:1903139015

  1. After update BIN from "/code/apps", did it success at last?
  2. pls check the serial data from 300RI, steps refer to 8. how to check the serial data by serial tool?
  3. how about the performance of python-openimu? or try to connect with SW from link

Hello, just following up on flodvag's post (I work with him on this project):

  • We puchased three 300RI devices (not the EVK). Two were updated to the VG_AHRS ver 1.1.0 firmware previously shown on the 300RI section (1567659260058162.bin), and following the update both devices were not responsive.
  • Both sensors could communicate to the PC using serial tool prior to the VG_AHRS firmware upgrade. We could get sensor data out using the NAV-VIEW tool
  • After firmware update, the devices became totally unresponsive. We have attempted:
    1. manually trying to connect with all baud rates in nav-view : unsuccessful
    2. trying to connect to the device using a serial tool: unsuccessful
    3. trying to flash the firmware back to the original version: unsuccessful. The flashing tool can not connect to the device
    4. checking CAN-bus output: unsuccessful. Both CAN High and Low pins are a constant ~2.3V relative to power ground (pin 3) indicating no data output. The one working device we have left shows the CAN bus attempting transmission, as indicated by regular pulses

As far as we can tell, the two devices flashed with the firmware are now bricked. Is there a way to fully reprogram or otherwise recover the device?

Thank you

Hello, following up on my post above - is there something I could do to fix this, or is there another support channel we could contact?


@swj Hi swj, it seems the application bin is broken. You could try to boot start from bootloader and download the application bin again as the following steps:

  1. run the Webserver_Win32_1.1.6.exe -f T to enter bootloader mode. Webserver_Win32_1.1.6.exe


reset the 300RI unit.

  1. If the BOOTLOADER enter successfully, please open
    and press button UPGRADE

  2. Choose the 300RI app bin file and update. ![2020-03-05_11h26_00.jpg]

please try and feedback to us, thanks.

@Li-YiFan Thankyou for the fast reply. I'll try this procedure

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