Open IMU300 RI: unable to read VG_AHRS output data


I'm still working with IMU300RI evk, but now I want to use it as an AHRS in order to obtain yaw measurements. I downloaded the Custom Example from the VS Acienna's OpenIMU Platform (OpenIMU 300RI/VG_AHRS), then I upgraded the firmware using the ST-Link. I tried to read output data from the serial port through RS-232, but when I select the "a1" or "a2" packet from ANS even acceleration data look freezed.

I get the same results even if I upgrade the firmware directly from ANS ( by choosing AHRS_testing app (PUBLIC apps page).

Is there something missing or wrong? Should I calibrate the magnetometer before? If so, how can I do that without using CAN messages? Thank you.


Please try to do next steps:

  1. Import custom IMU VG_AHRS application for OpenIMU330RI
  2. Update next structure to look like:

// User output packet codes, change at will
typedef enum {
USR_OUT_NONE = 0, // 0
// add new output packet type here, before USR_OUT_MAX
} UserOutPacketType;

  1. Update default value of .userPacketType in gUserUartConfig structure to have desired value of the packet rate.
  2. Rebuild and reload application onto unit.
  3. Using ST-Link utility make sure that sector 2 in the MCU flash is write-protected
  4. Power cycle unit.
  5. Using any serial terminal check it packet "a1" coming out of the unit.
  6. Try to connect unit to "" and check incoming data
    If unit connected successfully it's possible to change unit settings.

Please note though that settings related to the serial port are not saved permanently - only CAN-related settings which can be changed from CAN bus side.

  1. Try to see if
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