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is there any way to find out GPS signal lost in INS app? I didn't seen anything related to GPS signal status in e2 packet, and is it possible to control using GPS signal in INS algorithm? I want to send a command to my openIMU300ZA running INS app to start using GPS input data or stop using GPS input data, is it possible at all?

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GPS visibility should be an input to the INS app. All the application source code is open-source, and you can do anything to it. To add a command, our firmware engineer deisgn a good framework to do that. To add GPS signal status in e2 packet, it is also very easy because all UART messages are customizable. You just need to spend more time on the source code.


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may I control GPS data input to your INS algorithm by changing gAlgorithm.Behavior.bit.useGPS in source code? I need to toggle between using GPS data input to the INS algorithm and not using GPS data input, when GPS data input in not using by INS algorithm must estimate position without any input data from GPS.

is it possible to control GPS input by changing gAlgorithm.Behavior.bit.useGPS?

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gAlgorithm.Behavior.bit.useGPS is used to control state transition. If it is set to false, the algorithm will stay in attitude only mode. This bit does not control the use of each GPS sample. To do that, you need to use gEKFInput.gpsFixType. Setting this bit to false means this GPS measurement is invalid and will not be used in the EKF update stage. You can either directly change this bit or change the GPS driver where this bit get its value.


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