OpenIMU300ZA Obsolete

I have noticed Mouser is listing this part as obsolete and the all reference in the doc and Github are slowly disappearing.

What is the official support for this part?

Also if your products are aimed at the automotive segment amongst others why obsolete parts after such a short duration. I feel I have wasted and immense amount of time!



Hi, 'OpenIMU300ZA' is the same as 'OpenIMU300ZI', we just changed the model for some reason, please feel free to keep working on it, it is really a good IMU.

Also you can find data sheet, Online Manual and other useful information of 'OpenIMU300ZI' here :

Can I use OpenIMU300ZI firmware and apps on the OpenIMU300ZA?

@ysong any update?

Sorry for being late.
Yes, you can use OpenIMU300ZI firmware and apps on the OpenIMU300ZA.

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