Base Station Correction Options with Open IMU

What are my base station options with open imu? I would like to avoid expensive atnennas and paid data correction services. Is this possible?

@jstafford it's up to your application, what do you want with OpenIMU?

Well, I already have a ZED-F9P and antenna that I was wanting to use as a base station. I was going to use RTK2GO as a NTRIP server. How would I get correction data from this to an OpenIMU330 . Is it the ZI version that is the NTRIP client?

My OpenIMU will be a rover on a racing drone, but needs correction data. I just don't know how to make it a NTRIP client that gets the correction data from my base at RTK2GO

Hi, basically, OpenIMU is used to propagate position, velocity and attitude within the gap of GPS, but can't work as a NTRIP client.

I think you need OpenRTK330 EVK which already contained GPS receiver and IMU, and can get the correction data from base at RTK2GO. You can find details info here: and
If you have any question about OpenRTK330, please post your question on OpenRTK block:

Thank you.

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