Backup OpenIMU300RI without the ST-Link Debugger

Hello Aceinna Team,

I have an OpenIMU300RI (not the development kit). I already connected the OpenIMU300RI to the online GUI via UART and verified that it works. Now I am wondering how to make a backup of the unit without the ST-Link debugger ( and how to upload new .bins onto the unit.

Thank you in advance

For your part, no need to backup and restore it. Because no SWD interface(development kit(EVK) have) support you to restore it.
So we recommend only normal operations on your part, it is dangerous for you if you want to change the detailed boot loader and FW codes and try self-defined FW in it. if bricked, difficult to restore it and may be you need to back plant for restore again.
We recommend self-define FW testing during developing period on EVK part, on EVK:

  1. You can backup easily
  2. restore easily
    3.debug FW step by step with ST-Link.
    hope clearly for you

Thank you for the response!

I have two further questions:

  1. Can I flash official aceinna apps via the app center ( onto the unit without the development kit?
  2. Can the development kit be used with a previously orderd single unit (without dev kit)?

Thank you in advance

Hi @robert-jir ,

You can flash Aceinna apps of OpenIMU300RI via the app center . Brief steps are:

  1. run OpenIMU Python Drivers (reference:
  2. open App center (, choose your favorite app then click button 'UPGRADE', and wait for the process done. Please do NOT power off until the process is done.

You also can follow this ( to develop your own app based on Aceinna open sourced algorithm, then flash your app and run it on your 300RI.

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