Accelerometer Data Spike


I've been recording some accelerometer data with my Open IMU300ZA connected to a Teensy over SPI and have noticed an intermittent spike in the data being produced by the accelerometers. I'm struggling to find a cause for it, but it's nonphysical - it occurs even with the device sat still on the bench. Because it affects all three channels simultaneously I'm wondering if it's an SPI related issue?

I'm currently ignoring the Data Ready pin (7) and just reading from the IMU300ZI on a loop, do you think this is likely to cause a problem? It's not clear from the datasheet whether I need to obey the Data Ready pin or not.

Please see the attached plot for an example of the bad behavior, with the state of the Data Ready pin shown in blue. The value that the accelerometer data spikes too is fairly random (not always the same, and each accelerometer can spike to different values in the same instance of the spike).
Accelerometer spike Anotated.png

If you have any other suggestions for trouble shooting please let me know.


Pls check below link:
strictly follow time sequence request, you can use falling edge of DRDY and then start to request the register after each edge of it.

pls share your codes about SPI driver: let's check baud rate, mode, time delay, reading way(single or burst), more detailed info shared more better.

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