Can I get OpenIMU300ZI EVK's backup image?


In the past, IMU values could be read using the 300ZI EVK.
But, there was a problem that I could not connect to the IMU Server.

I tried to fix the problem by modifying the firmware, but now I cannot read the IMU values.
In my personal opinion, the firmware (or image) seems to be corrupted.

Error message

I want to check or fix the cause of the problem, what should I do?



P.S. 330ZI (X) -> 300ZI (O)

what is the SN number of your unit?

@cek Hello cek,

My unit's SN number is 1908400117



your unit is 300ZI, not 330ZI, right?


Oh, sorry for wrong information.

Yes, that is 300ZI.

@cek Deer cek,

Thanks for the quick response and kindness.

Best regards,


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