How to connect to OpenIMU300ZI without using EVK?

Has anyone used the OpenIMU300ZI without the EVK? I can't seem to find an adapter that would fit with the connector on OpenIMU300ZI. Could anyone recommend a cable/adapter/breakout that can be used with OpenIMU300ZI without EVK?

The OpenIMU300ZI main connector is a SAMTEC FTM-110-02-F-DV-P defined below. The mating connector that pairs with the main connector is the SAMTEC CLM-110-02.

Some chapters on online manual for your reference:

Is there a prefabricated ribbon cable available?

I have got connectors from SMATEC but I have been unable to source a breakout cable or board for this SAMTEC connector.
Is there an off-the-shelf breakout cable from any supplier for the IMU300ZI?

In the same boat. I need to use the IMU300ZI in tight quarters, preferably with a ribbon or breakout cable.

So I fab'd a basic breakout board for it. But the pinout mentioned above doesn't really say what orientation pins are in. Worried that if I get it wrong and start applying voltage, I'll fry my IMU. Any suggestions?

The board for those wondering:

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