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Dear friends,

I have a problem on my openimu300zi , there is no output on debug port at 230400bps baudrate , I have changed the debug port's baudrate to 115200bps in source code too but no difference.

Do I need to enable debug outputs in source code or its already enabled, I have to calibrate my magnet but there is no output on debug port.

Please let me know if I need to do anything in the source code.
I am using vg/ahrs app.


could you show where and what is your new updated codes?
what did you do for calibrate magnet? steps in your side.

the code is 20011-193813-VG_AHRS I did not updated it recently.

the only change to the original code was:

in main.c file

and a hello world message in main.c file before freertos kernel start

// Apply factory configuration

// Apply user-chosen configuration

// Initialize OS and create required tasks

// Initialize the DEBUG serial port
DebugPrintString((char*)"HelloWorld\r\n"); // <----- here is a hello world message on debug port, but nothing shows up on debug port

//InitTimer_Watchdog( ENABLE );

// Start Running the tasks...
 // Start scheduler


void DebugInterfaceInit(void)
char status[100];

if(fSPI && fGPS){
    return;         // no resources 

int debugChannel = platformGetSerialChannel(DEBUG_SERIAL_PORT);

if(debugChannel == UART_CHANNEL_NONE){
    //nothing to do

// Initialize the DEBUG USART (serial) port
InitDebugSerialCommunication(230400); // debug_usart.c // <---- I was changed the baudrate of debug port to 115200 here
DebugPrintString((char*)"from debug port\r\n");

BoardGetResetStatus(status, sizeof(status));

// ERROR_STRING(status);

I was sent 0x55 0x55 0x6D 0x61 0x01 0x07 0x81 0xC9 bytes on user port ( the port that receiving output data through that ), I expected to receive some information on the debug port, but nothing. I am sure that its not wiring problem.
I'm using this pins ( 17 , 19 )


Hello, I'm waiting your answer, I need to calibrating heading for my project.

Best regards

hi, Amin. working well in my side, and my steps:

  1. download codes VG_AHRS 1.1.3 from VSCODE
    2.update codes and keep same with you.
  2. compile the new BIN and uploaded it to 300ZI.
  3. keep EVK board connected with PC, 4 ports detected in pc, like: com51/52/53/54
  4. connected COM52 with 230400 by serial tool uart-assistant, and open the port, waiting
  5. keep power on EVK board.
  6. take off(disconnect) 300RI and connect 300RI to EVK board again, uart-assistant will receive
    "from debug port


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