OpenIMU335RI Setup issue


1 Years ago, we had bought OpenIMU300RI and bought OpenIMU335RI, recently.

Like OpenIMU300RI, we want to change the setting such as output packet type using visual studio code.

However, there is no open-source to modify.

So, we have some questions about OpenIMU335RI.

First, can we use the custom IMU examples made for OpenIMU300RI to set up the OpenIMU355RI?

Second, If not, how we change the setting of the OpenIMU355RI??

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Hello, jcw.
First,we can't use the custom IMU examples made for OpenIMU300RI to set up the OpenIMU335RI.
Second,you can change the setting of the OpenIMU355RI according to User Manual.If the User Manual does not meet your needs,please tell us exactly what you need to set up.We would be happy to provide you with further answers.
Yours sincerely.

Thank you for your quick reply.
We want to modify the z1 packet output by changing magnetic values to roll, pitch, and yaw angles.
Could you recommend the method to solve this problem?
Best regards.

@zrs Hello, ACEINNA.

We have an another question for OpenIMU335RI.
Do you have a plan to provide the custom IMU examples made for OpenIMU335RI?

Best regards.

Hello, JCW.
After studying with the R&D department in the United States,We have decided to release a set of OpenIMU335RI example suitable for users to develop and modify in the near future(wont be long).Due to the time difference, there may be some delay. Please be patient, we will provide the code as soon as possible and follow up the relevant technical support.
Yours sincerely.

Hello, JCW.
Please provide SVN number of OpenIMU335RI,t's a bunch of 10-digit numbers taped to the side of the sensor,thank you.
Yours sincerely.

@JCW ,we have released OpenIMU335RI application example to the public domain.
To have access to it you’ll need:

  1. Update platformIO (on command prompt type >pio update)
  2. Import OpenIMU335 application example clicking on “Custom IMU examples” button on Aceinna main page in VS Code.

Thank you.

@zrs Hello, ACEINNA

Thank you for the very quick updating.

We checked the custom example for OpenIMU335RI.

Best regards.


If we used the custom example for OpenIMU335RI, Does the IMU sensor send a CAN message with the default settings?

Best regards.

@JCW ,as long as you haven't modified it, yes,it's the default settings,you can try different settings.

@zrs Hmm..... we have a problem with the canbus communication.

We downloaded the example you uploaded recently.

And we only changed the uart setting as bellow and uploaded it on the device via rs232 serial communication.

But CAN messages were not found when we see the canbus using the NI high-speed-CAN device (below figure).


We used 250k baudrate.


the pinout 1 (CAN_H) and 2(CAN_L) of the OpenIMU335RI were connected to the pinout 7 (CAN_H) and 2 (CAN_L) of the 9pin-DSUB to match the pinout of the NI-CAN device as below figure.


If we used the uart port, canbus couldn't transfer the message?

Or is there any setting we missed?

// UART - related parameters
.uartCfg.userUartBaudRate = 115200,
.uartCfg.userPacketType = "z1", // do not apply
.uartCfg.userPacketRate = 100, // do not apply
.uartCfg.lpfAccelFilterFreq = 25, // do not apply
.uartCfg.lpfRateFilterFreq = 25, // do not apply
.uartCfg.orientation = "+X+Y+Z", // do not apply


Best regards.

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