OpenIMU330 Accelerometer & Gyro timestamps


is it possible to get (accurate) timestamps of the accelerometer/gyrometer measurements?
for now the IMU app runs in a loop and only collects+filters/applies calibration to data but I couldn't find any IMU timestamp.

some IMUs offer interrupt lines which may be used to timestamp them (using input capture timers) or have timestamps attached to their measurements -- is it possible to get any of these working with OpenIMU? (at least µs accuracy would be good)

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@t-hamboeck ,yes,you are right.Our timestamp includes sampling 、 filtering、calibration .

do you have any idea how much latency that introduces and how accurate the timestamps (including the whole chain) are?

@t-hamboeck ,When OpenIMU330 uses the IMU app, it takes about 1.5 to 2 milliseconds from the time the data is collected to the time the calibration filter is completed.

Thanks a lot for sharing this information!

you are welcome!

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