openIMU300ZI SPI mode


I have to read data from my openIMU300ZI sensor through SPI connection, I have set up connections with correct wiring, SPI mode 3, with clock frequency 1Mhz.

I have a question about Data ready pin, is it only for selecting UART or SPI peripheral or it can be use as real data ready signal to tel master MCU there are data available to read? ( in burst mode 0x3E00 )

I planned to implement external interrupt on my master MCU and connect Data Ready pin to that, so by this way I can read data when ready to read. am I right or I am misunderstood ?

Please explain the correct way to read data in burst mode on SPI.


yes, you are right.
by falling edge of DRDY, you can get the latest sensor data(3E burst read).
as below pic, this is time sequence from my side.

Hi, thank you for reply.
Do I need to pullup spi pins with 10k resistors? ( miso , mosi , clk , nss)

Best regards

generally, no need based on my experience.

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