OpenIMU330BI Bypass Capacitors

Does the OpenIMU330BI require external capacitors on the VDD pins for stable operation, or are the required capacitors included under the metal lid of the module?

Hi, since you need to use the regulator , you have to using some capacitors ... there is no problem.

Can Aceinna provide the schematic for the OpenIMU330BI board that connects to J2 of the EVK schematic shown here:

I need to determine if the OpenIMU330BI requires external components to operate such as bypass capacitors on every voltage supply pin.

@cmccaskey Yes, we recommend put external capacitors on the VDD pins, such as 10uF and 0.1uF, and on OpenIMU330BI board we have LDO and capacitors, so even you don't put external capacitors , it should also ok.
For OpenIMU330BI, if you want to connect to EVK, you can refer to this figure attached.

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