Increasing angular rate data range on OpenIMU300RI

We've been using the OpenIMU300RI for taking some measurements. We're interested in increasing the angular rate range from +/- 250 deg/s to closer to the stated range of +/- 400 deg/s. We're currently using the 210630-152704-VG_AHRS project and I can find the 250 deg/s limit in UserMessagingCAN.c. Are there any other modifications I will have to make to the FW on this? Concerned I'm missing something with filtering or some other subfunction.

Yes, if you make too many changes, our calibration data will be invalid .This will lead directly to quality problems

Hi, it is claims that the angular rate range is +- 400 dps in datasheet. I think the range was 400 dps in default IMU App before you updated to VG_AHRS App, right?

Assuming you check data in 'a1' or 'a2' packet via RS232, could you please switch 'z1' or 's1' packet to see the rate range?

Is 400 deg/s a limitation of the gyro itself? Say if I wanted to increase the range to 1000 deg/s and subsequently the resolution to 32.8 deg/s/bit would that work or is there a fundamental limit to the gyro's output?

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