Need to reflash the bootloader after a JTAG upload ?

I had some trouble flashing a new firmware, so I decided to try to upload the firmware using the JTAG adapter and PlatformIO's Upload task in VSCode

It seems that now I can't upload a new firmware anymore. Would the upload have overwritten the bootloader ? If it did, how can I re-establish it ? If not, how can I find what is happening ?

Thanks in advance

OK ... so it seems that it was my fault. Sorry for the noise guys.

Hi guys. Thanks for the info

To clear any confusion: the unit boots fine. The problem I have is that it becomes non-responsive after a JA command, which means that I can't upload a new firmware through the UART (works fine with JTAG)

Hi Sylvain,
You could use stlink and download bootloader bin at start address 0x0800 0000


Hi Sylvain.
I'm assuming that the question is about OpenIMU300ZA(ZI).
Usually upload process does not damage bootloader.
Please try next:

  1. In platformio.ini change -O0 to -Og rebuild and reload unit via J-Tag. Recycle power and see if unit came up
  2. While J-Tag connected Click Debug->Start debugging. After application upload (debugger stopped in main) hit RUN. Unit should come up. Then disconnect Jtag and recycle power.
    If none of these options helped - please repost message here. We'll make bootloader image available and provide instructions.
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