opMode 4 INS But No lla value

I use OpenIMU300 With NMEA GPS message like the picture ,opMode has already be 4 but no lat lon output,I don't know where the bug is,
emmm, my GPS receiver is static,no velocity...

@Wangguotong pls go through our online-manual firstly, and then to define next steps.

There is a hard limit on GNSS velocity in previous version of the INS app. If the velocity is below some threshold, the algorithm will not get initialized because heading is undetermined. Please update to the latest version.

@Dong-xiaoguang 原来如此,非常感谢,不过,我在哪里可以看到我的是最新版本?我之前一直是用VSCODE里面导入的那个,是要去github下载还是最近再次vscode导入就是新版本了?

You can import again to get the latest version.

@Dong-xiaoguang 我重新导入了新版的imu300zi 的ins 和 imu代码但是在连接到开发平台只能看到并选择Z1 packets(如图),即使我在代码用户配置里写的是e2也只有z1的加速度角速度输出,我是要在什么地方还要配置什么东西才能再次得到e2输出吗?


请下载 https://github.com/Aceinna/python-openimu
然后pip install openimu后,python server .py. 我们的exe随后更新


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