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RE: Openimu300ZI SPI communication using TX2 spidev

@drib861204 Hi, I didn't have a 300zi available to do a tset as you said these days, but now I do and I will do a tset and reply you as soon as possible.

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RE: OpenIMU335RI Yaw angle over CAN

@Matt-Green Hi, there is no Yaw angle via CAN, just angular rate from z-axis.

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RE: Help for recovering two OpenIMU300ZI

@Gilen-Tell Hi,I have tried to recovery the whole bin of the two units you showed, but didn't work. And I will try other ways to recovery them. when is ok, I will upload it here. By the way, if you aren't concerned about the performance of the unit you can upload the whole bin which backed up from the good one to the bad units and get them working.

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RE: How to restore OpenRTK GNSS unit after online update fails and STLINK debugger does not work.

Hi,is your equipment working properly? If it still does not work, please show me some pictures that do not work, and please tell me the SN number of your equipment

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RE: OpenIMU300Ri CAN dbc

a8a41db1-accc-4c56-ab2e-82d9ab314c2f-OpenIMU300RI to be released_cek_20210220-MAGALING_3.1.8_add swap+unitbhr.dbc
4 msg are normal data msg which are auto-transmitted, other msg are used for set/get commands msg, such as: set orientation msg, set output rate of CAN, or GPS related msg for INS app and other algorithm app.
pls use Hex format to show data, will be better to understanding.
pls load the DBC i attached, then the msg should be decoded automatically by Kvaser_canking.

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RE: OpenIMU300Ri CAN dbc

@Albert-Arlà-Romero Hi,which software you used, and did you succeed in loading the DBC file? The following is my test .300ri via can.png

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RE: OpenRTK Running status not showing any data

Is your OpenRTK330LI EVK connected to the antenna when working? The antenna needs to be fixed in an open environment.

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