Logs Blank csv Files

Here is a link, the image did not seem to post:

Is there a python sample for getting the heading from the imu, I would like to put into custom program not using the aceinna developers site.

Please always use the master branch or executables.
The image cannot be uploaded successuflly on my computer. However, you can easily find this button beside the "start to play" button.

pls try to use master or bugfix branch.
or you can you executable program directly, download: operating and record:

This file is for developers to test some function. You should always use

Does samples/ no longer work?

I never use that file. I always use

Is there an example of a WebSocket or client that would not rely on the

I will not have access to the aceinna website in my project.

Actually, it is very easy to modify the source code of the python driver to meet your need. You can find the decoded data in openimu_unpack_output_packet() in Then you can do everything with the data.

However, I believe it is a bug for the driver not logging the data. It will get fixed.

Thank you for your feedback.


Thank you, I will try this next. I look forward to testing !

A quick workaround would be to replace the following line in

with open('app_config/IMU/openimu.json') as json_data:


with open('app_config/INS/openimu.json') as json_data:
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