OpenRTK330/OpenIMU EVK?

Will there soon be an evaluation kit for OpenRTK330 together with OpenIMU (INS)?

we've got OpenRTK330 with INS, OpenRTK330 integrates an OpenIMU330 , and the INS firmware for OpenRTK330 can be found on, download the RTK_INS App that is a GNSS RTK and INS integrated solution.


Couple of quick technical question about openRTK:

  1. the spec sheet talks about 1pps. It, however, does not mention event marks. Does openRTK have a dedicated event mark pin? If not and we have to use GPIO, will the firmware handle time stamps?

  2. I noticed the GNSS unit use L1/L2 but not L5. Is L5 available on openRTK as it is stated in the spec sheet?

@Ahmed-Mohamed Hi Ahmed,

  1. we do not have a PIN for event mark. Inside the module, the GNSS chipset outputs its 1PPS signal for external device time sync. Also, the IMU data inside the module is time stamped by GNSS time.
  2. The module have L1, L2 and L5 capability, however, can only do two freqeuncies on one configuration, we can do L1/L2 and L1/L5 configurations using different GNSS chipset firmware that can be provided to you.

Thanks for clarifying.
Can a GPIO pin used to represent event mark? will there be a command to poll GNSS time when the specific pin goes high or low?

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