OpenIMU300ZA Docs Missing?


I have an OpenIMU300 (without EVK) and am hoping to connect it to a Teensy which will read out raw IMU readings over SPI. I have an ST-Link V2 that I was planning to use to update the OpenIMU300ZA's firmware if necessary. To achieve this task I need to see the docs for the 300ZA (pinout etc) but I can't seem to find them anywhere, and any forum link to the docs are dead.

Are the docs available anywhere? What's the difference between the ZA and the ZI? They seem pretty similar on the face of it, and docs for the ZI are still available.


"ZA" and "ZI" are same, ZA is ZI.
for SPI protocal, pls refer link
for pinout of 300ZI, pls refer link. when you want to connect ST-Link, pls use all 5 pins on 300ZI: NRST/Reference voltage/SWDIO/SWCLK/GND.
For update FW of 300ZI in future by your self, I strong recommend to use boot-loader by Aceinna ANS to update the FW you created, for steps on ANS link pls refer to topic_10 of link
Pls note:
Its calibration area will be easily broken by wrong manual operation with ST-Link V2, so pls read carefully of blow topics:
Backup whole EEPROM firstly, topic_4 of link can guide you backup all areas, such as: calibration, configurations, FW....

  1. topic_9 of link, when you need to burn only FW by ST-Link directly

  2. pls follow the steps and tools preparation in link, when you use VS-Code to update FW.

Hey cek,

That's a super helpful reply and clears a lot up, cheers! I'm just wiring the 300ZA up to a uC using SPI and I want to confirm that I'm understanding the pinout diagram correctly as it doesn't seem that clear to me. What is the device orientation in the picture?
When I first read the datasheet I interpreted it as follows:

But my colleague interpreted it as: OpenIMU_pinout_Mark.png

Which seems equally valid. I think it would be clearer is the pinout diagram showed more of the device. I would just try it but don't want to connect power to gnd and visa versa and fry the IMU.

Thanks again,

@TimBevan Hi TimBevan,

  1. conntion is the second picture as your colleague interpreted.
  2. the default orientation(right-hand system) 2020-08-05_09h17_58.jpg . btw, you could check/change the orientation in the setting of refer to link

Great cheers for clarifying!

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