What is the function of these variables
.pointOfInterestBx = 0.0,
.pointOfInterestBy = 0.0,
.pointOfInterestBz = 0.0,

I am using the INS app with a gps. In this situation the magentometer calibration is disabled. .hardIron_X = 0.0,
.hardIron_Y = 0.0,
.softIron_Ratio = 1.0,
.softIron_Angle = 0.0,

should the softiron ration still be 1????

  1. point of interest is a point whose position you want to measure. The algorithm will use this config to convert the position of IMU to the position of this point.
  2. As mag is not used, its configurations don't matter. When soft iron ratio is set 1 and soft iron angle to 0, it means there is no soft iron interference.


same as for the other question is a + Y value for the pointOfInterest in front of or behind the IMU?

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