Can you use the INS app on OpenIMU300RI?

I read the documentation for OpenIMU300RI and it doesn't mention whether or not it can be used with the INS application. Has anyone used the OpenIMU300RI with the INS app? If so, how did you connect the gps to the imu?

yes, we supplied INS app for 300RI.
there are 2 ways for GPS input, by CAN or by RX/TX_RS232 pin in connector.
we supply INS_CAN app_3.1.8 in public app center, which CAN net is used for GPS input.
pls refer to link and switch to PUBLIC:
for documents reference, pls refer:
any question pls contact with Aceinna.

Thank you for providing the info.

I'm trying to use 300RI with UBlox GPS which has TTL UART instead of RS232.

The documentation for 300RI refers to the serial port as RS232 as well as UART. Could you please confirm that it is in fact RS232 and not TTL?

@sukhrajklair Yes,you are right.Ii's RS232 not TTL.

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