Get Heading/Yaw angle as CAN message in OpenIMU300RI

I have OpenIMU300RI and i upgraded to VG_AHRS app from default IMU app. I could only get Roll and Pitch info in CAN message. But I can see heading in navigation studio.

How to get Yaw angle in CAN? Or how to switch to a2 packet using CAN?

I tried "save permanently" In settings of navigation studio, it did not reflect in CAN messages.
PS: I do not have ST link to flash.

@srivatsan In general, the a2 package is used for serial communication, and you can add the a2 package to CAN by modifying the code .

@srivatsan Code variable gKalmanFilter. EulerAngles [YAW] have stored the YAW value, you can deal with it by yourself.941aa22db6591b3f1b26dc921653a7d.png

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