openIMU on the boat


I have a project to control a boat, I am using openIMU300za in my project, I have a question about the starting angle of the IMU, I am using AHRS code, when the openIMU300za powers up, the default roll and pitch angle will be the position of the starting moment of the sensor, for example when there are waves in the water, the sensor will not show me the correct angle because it started with a wrong angle as zero, how can I start my openIMU300za in any sensor angle but follow real positions?

is there any way in the source code to fix start position in the algorithm ?


the roll and pitch is related horizontal level, not start moment status.

Dear cek,

Please let me know what is related to the staring moment, the acceleration ? The angular rate? Or anything else? So , please let me know how to modify the source code to fix the problem


the acceleration and angular rate will be detected when algorithm initialization, the initialization will be blocked if moving is detected.
could you describe your application more detailed info? and what is your request?

Hi Amin,

Roll and pitch are zero before algrithm initlization is done. Normally, algrithm initlization can be done within 1 second. Initial roll and pitch are calculated by averaged 3D acceleration. If you want to modify duration of algrithm initlization for your application, you can adjust 'INITIALIZE_ATTITUDE_DURATION' in source code. Thank you.

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