Cannot connect OpenIMU300RI to my pc in the UART RS232 bus

Hello everyone.
I recently bought the openimu300ri to help in our AGV development.
But cannot seem to figure out how to connect and log the data to the Acienna Navigation Studio.
Image (21).jpeg
I am using a MCP2200 isolated usb to uart board. Wit the rx of the imu connected to the tx and the tx of the imu to the rx.

Image (16).jpeg
I have supplied a 12V and less than 0.1A to the imu.

Image (18).jpeg
But it is still not being detected in the NAV-VIEW. I checked the com and it shows up in the com port with baud rate to 38400.
Screenshot (857).png
The webserver does not detect it either and remains in this current image all the time without any updates.
Image (19).jpeg
Image (20).jpeg

Any help regarding this matter would really help me very much.

Hi , @WasirWasHere
First, Webserver and NAviw can not be used at the same time,.
Second, make sure your TX,RX connection is correct (TX to rx).
Third you haven't modified the firmware, right?