OpenIMU335RI - Change CAN Baudrate with NAV-VIEW

Hi all,

I have the OpenIMu335RI and need to change the CAN Bus baudrate. I tried to change this with the NAV-VIEW tool (Version 3.5.12, ) without success.

It is possible to change the CAN-ID, even when the program status after the permanent programming is "Failed". After a reboot the CAN ID remains changed and is also read back correctly.
When I try the same with the baudrate, nothing happens at all, and the read value is always 500kbps.
(Acutally the baudrate is 250kbps)

How can I change the baudrate with the NAV-VIEW tool?


@F-Weber ,You should now be in automatic baud mode. To set the baud rate of CAN, disable automatic baud rate。
I suggest using CAN. First you send this extension frame to 335RI: ID(hex):18EAFF00 DATA:00 FF 59. Then you send me the return message of this CAN message and I will tell you what to do next.

Hi @zrs
You are right, I am now in the automatic baud rate mode. Somehow, I did send another frame to start the device. Unfortunately, I can not remember where I got this from.
I receive following message back: ID = 18EEFF81h, Length=8, Data = AD44F86600830080h along with the sensor values all 10ms.
This does work with 250kbis/s and 500kbit/s but not with 1Mbit/s...*
If I disable the automatic baud rate mode, do I still have to send a device activation frame or is it possible that the sensor starts sending data on powerup?

Edit: It is now also working with 1Mbit/s, this was a problem with the can device I am using.

If you disable the mode , and you set a baud , you can only work at this baud. after it come back message , please send another time(: ID(hex):18EAFF00 DATA:00 FF 59.) the feedback ID should contain "FF59"

Here you can see what I get back:


I am only interested in the fixed baud mode if the sensor does start to transmit without any start frame sent via can bus. Is this possible? Like when I connect the sensor to the powersupply, it should start sending on the fixed baud rate.