magnetic calibration process message (ma) documentation

I'm reading the INS app code, and found the magnetic calibration process message ("ma"). I was going to look into the various parameters, but can't find the ProcessMagAlignCmds function definition.

Is there a part of the firmware that is closed ? I'm not asking because I'd have a problem with it, rather for my understanding. If it is, is there a documentation of the "ma" message ?

The mag alignment process will be fully available in the next upcoming release. Documentation will be available online and Aceinna Navigation Studio will include support for mag alignment process.

in the next upcoming release

Any ETA on this one ?

This is ... both unexpected and a little bit off-putting. The mag alignment process is part of the public documentation: from today (7/08/2019). Was already there 3 months ago at least

"Currently, this is primarily for Magnetic Alignment also referred to as Compass Calibration, or Hard/Soft Iron Calibration."

That it's actually not available is pretty discouraging. I now wonder what else is there that I thought would be available, but actually "will be available later ?"

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