OpenIMU300RI EEProm file

sadly I deleted the hole memory of our OpenIMU300RI Evaluation Kit. I've installed a file 1908400166_1.1.0.bin found in the form,. The IMU works, I can make a connection and upload the demo apps.
But there are 2 problems:

  • The device appears as OpenIMU300ZA, I think due the wrong EEprom image, could you supply me a correct one ?
  • It is possible to restore/remake the calibration ?

Best regards
Andreas Kofler
mentioned on above link, it is better to save your unit image at first for restore the unit.
it is possible to restore the calibration and supply the right image to you, i have to confirm with plant and prepare the image for you later.
pls wait my feedback.
my questions:

  1. why did you deleted the memory of 300RI? did you met problems when connect with PC or other operations?
  2. pls supply SN number of your 300RI? SN are composed by 10 figures, such as: 1908811027 in my hands.

Thanks for your reply,

1: yes, I did play around with the programmer, so I deleted the memory ... sorry
2: the serial number is: 1908400166


@akofler OK, do you have Stlink? we could release bin file then you could download the bin via stlink.

Yep, I have the devel kit including Stlink.

  1. The SN number come from the wrong bin " 1908400166_1.1.0", the right SN number is marked on the surface of the housing, pls check again?
  2. Give the whole bin to you1908811027_ 1.0.2_a2.bin , pls burn into your 300RI. pls note the bin calibration data is corresponding to 1908811027, function is supported. also pls keep 0 and 2 sectors locked("lock the sector 0 and 2 at last," step refer to 4. How to backup and upload whole EEPROM of your each OpenIMU300ZI/ZA with ST-LINK?
    We will supply the right bin to you after you feedback the right SN number, sure it will include calibration data of right SN number

Hi Cek,

the SN of the housing is 1908811009.

Many thanks
~ andi

Hi Cek,

could you supply me please the whole bin file for the 300RI 1908811009 ?

~ andi

Hi akofler,

The Chinese AE team is on the Chinese new year holiday and will be back to work next monday. The whole bin file should be ready by then.



Dear Sir,

I have the same problem, I have an openIMU300ZA installed on my own designed development board, I have st-link v2 , I forgot to backup flash program from the factory , I can program the module with my built images from the source code and downloaded images from the website but I can not make it working, I have write VG/AHRS program on my module, when I connect it to the PC's serial port I can read data coming from the sensor, when I read all data in a packet from sensor , the header bytes are okay, the a2 bytes are okay and the payload length is also okay, its 48, I expected roll and pitch and yaw bytes after that starting from byte 12 as roll value, all are 0 0 192 127 0 0 192 127 0 0 192 127 , I do not know what is wrong with my module.

could you please send me the image including factory calibration information for my module? the serial number is : 1006723098

Best regards,


the serial number is 1908400114 , its below a barcode. I have programmed the 1908811027_ 1.0.2_a2.bin into my module, and after that from the IDE programmed my own compiled VG/AHRS into my module, its seems that its working now, I have roll, pitch but not correct yaw.

please send me the image of my own module with serial number 1908400114. the whole image including calibration data.

there is another problem, WebServer_win32_1.1.1 can not detect my module.

Best Regards,

Hi Amin,
The Chinese Team is not back to work yet due to the pneumonia. And if the calibraiton partion of your unit is not broken, you do not need the factory bin. Please make sure of that. The calibration partition can be broken if you manually update the firmware using ST-Link from a wrong start address. You can upload an IMU application to see if the IMU data is right.

@Amin you mentioned: " I can program the module with my built images from the source code and downloaded images from the website" and " I have programmed the 1908811027_ 1.0.2_a2.bin into my module", what is starting address when you upload it several times? i need to judge whether factory calibration data is broken or not.

Your module is 300ZA, pls do not use 1908811027_ 1.0.2_a2.bin which is belong to 300RI unit.
Refer to backup steps in topic_4, pls backup your current whole bin whatever it is working ok or not.
In future 2 weeks, maybe i can only working in home due to the pneumonia control, and cannot make the right bin for you which have the right calibration data.
Currently, only share with you other SN whole bin(1908400166_1.1.0.bin) by email, pls upload based on steps topic_4

@cek said in OpenIMU300RI EEProm file:



thanks for your replies, unfortunately I was forgot to backup whole bin file from my module, and I programmed it using st-link from starting address 0x08000000 , I think all factory calibration data has gone. so if I am right and you know that my calibration data is really erased based on my mistake and starting address I was programmed, please send me a correct bin file, the 1908400166_1.1.0.bin file is good enough for now, I was programmed that bin file related to RI series to recover data stored at starting address, and then I programmed my module from the IDE to store VG_AHRS application in correct address on my module. now its working but I am not sure with calibration data of another module how much accuracy it can have.
another question for all people like me for future mistakes: is there any way to calibrate modules by users? I know that the factory calibration is very accurate, if its possible please post your calibration method.
my email address is : please send me 1908400166_1.1.0.bin file.

Best regards,

already send it to you by email, when my previous reply. Pls receive and check your email box


Thank you very much, I appreciate your help.

Best regards,

@akofler I am still in home office, and cannot to do deep investigation with some HWs, so cannot reply to you which is the right actions in your side, if good luck, next week can reply to you, thanks for your waiting.
how many parts in your side totally? and how many of them cannot work?

Dear cek,
thanks, we can wait for the bin.
Currently we are evaluating just one device, we need it to get accurate heading and roll/pitch angles.


@akofler I had finished the 300RI...109 bin file preparation and shared with you, pls follow the topic_4 steps, note that just starting from unlock step and then upload/lock steps followed.


thanks cek !

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