OpenIMU300RI EEProm file

sadly I deleted the hole memory of our OpenIMU300RI Evaluation Kit. I've installed a file 1908400166_1.1.0.bin found in the form,. The IMU works, I can make a connection and upload the demo apps.
But there are 2 problems:

  • The device appears as OpenIMU300ZA, I think due the wrong EEprom image, could you supply me a correct one ?
  • It is possible to restore/remake the calibration ?

Best regards
Andreas Kofler
mentioned on above link, it is better to save your unit image at first for restore the unit.
it is possible to restore the calibration and supply the right image to you, i have to confirm with plant and prepare the image for you later.
pls wait my feedback.
my questions:

  1. why did you deleted the memory of 300RI? did you met problems when connect with PC or other operations?
  2. pls supply SN number of your 300RI? SN are composed by 10 figures, such as: 1908811027 in my hands.

Thanks for your reply,

1: yes, I did play around with the programmer, so I deleted the memory ... sorry
2: the serial number is: 1908400166


@akofler OK, do you have Stlink? we could release bin file then you could download the bin via stlink.

Yep, I have the devel kit including Stlink.

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