How to get IMU values using CAN from OpenIMU300RI out-of-the-box ?

I am about to use the OpenIMU300RI with the NVIDIA Jetson XAVIER.

What is the shortest/simplest way to get the IMU (accelerometer and gyroscope) values form the device to the XAVIER using CAN bus ?

Is there any tutorial on it ?

Thanks and Regards,
Pedro 🙂

Those messages are sent from all of the apps? I'm using INS_J1939 1.0.4 but I'm not getting anything on CAN (not even a status light on my Kvaser).

Ah! Solved it. I needed to change the bitrate to 250000. Now we're cooking...

Is there a CAN version of

thanks a lot for your information.
About CAN communication, pls refer to one example on RaspBerry wiht CAN_HAT:
Basic CAN communication code example:
300RI CAN testing process:
This is not like, but it is good example for you to know how to communicate with unit by CAN.

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