Upload Problem

I'm a beginner of ST-LINK/V2 and STM32 tools.
Please take a look on my error message.
1.jpg 2.jpg

You can try this way on all OpenIMU300ZA.json files in your system:
change the sentence from: "offset_address": "0x08010000"
to : "flash_start": "0x08010000"

the file location as reference: .platformio\platforms\aceinna_imu\boards

@cek Thanks,i'll try it.

@cek It works, thank you for your help.

I'd like to describe my case briefly, by this way, if anyone face a similar problem, you can refer to the solution mentioned above.
For my case, compiling is success, but after connect the OPENIMUZA300 and PC via ST-LINK/V2, upload problem happened.
Warning message screenshots are posted in this page.

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