Confused between OpenIMU300ZA and ACEINNA OpenIMU300ZA Evaluation Kit

Sorry for posting a dumb question...

I have read the documentation by I am confused as it starts off referring to the OpenIMU300ZA and then quickly refers to OpenIMU300ZA Evaluation Kit.

I want to be able to get IMU 9 DOF data quaternion or pitch, roll, yaw do I need to evaluation kit ?

Or can I get this from the OpenIMU300ZA via the UART?

Is the eval kit to tinker with the firmware or can the OpenIMU300ZA be modified via the serial update mechanism. using the VS tools?

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I think the answer might be none of them as the activity (lack of it) is not a good indication!

Come on Aceinna you want customers don't you? Is there a simple matrix showing what the different offers can and can't do.

@simon-rob :
for directly simple usage:
you can direct downloaded FW from our Develop platform:
before downloaded FW, you need to connected OpenIMU300 by server.exe;

for flexible application;
if you self-define/update the code, and you will need the EVK&VScode(with PlatformIO extension) to compile the code to FW, and then flash it to OpenIMU300.
So, it depends on your requests level, if only tested apps-VG_AHRS(roll/pitch/yaw) without any change, only UART connection is ok, EVK not needed; if you need to define your own FW, EVK needed.


Thanks for your clarification - I will give OpenIMU300ZA a go!

Can the OpenIMU300ZA be programmed with a ST-LINK V2 JTAG Pod as I already have one of those or do I still need a Evaluation Kit?

Also - what is the Evaluation board? Is it needed to program the device?

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@simon-rob Yes, you need EVK, please refer to the following link.

You do not need the eval kit. I simply bought the proper connector and soldered to the uart and power pins.

I did the same after looking at the board schematics - EVK is way to expensive for a ftdi chip and a ST-Link pod

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