OPENIMU300ZA sensor (without EVK) output through serial cable


We are using openimu300za sensor without EVK. We are trying to connect the sensor to the system using TTL to USB converter. We have used pins 3, 4, 12 & 13 for User UART Tx, User UART Rx, Vcc & Gnd respectively. We are getting the junk data using cool term(got data in tera term and putty as well), but not sure of the data format we are receiving. And then we tried to connect to the Aceinna navigation studio, but couldn't establish a connection to it. When the executable file, IMU server was opened for connecting to the studio, it detected the COM port but was throwing an error "Cannot configure port, something went wrong, original message:OSError(22,'the parameter is incorrect), none,87)" and was closing by itself. Please suggest on how we can get the correct output from the sensor by using any other pins apart from what we have used now.

The user can select the serial interface used with the unit by controlling the logic level on connector pin 7 at system startup. If the connector pin 7 is grounded then the unit is configured for low-level UART output on pins 3 and 4.
About the connector pins definition, please refer to online manual:
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the format of "z1" packet as below:
so, the serial data in HEX like this: with 115200 baud rate.

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Thanks for your information!
Did you mean pin 7 should be grounded to use pin no 3 and 4 as UART?

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Yes, pin 7 is a selector to enable UART or SPI.

Then you can use cool term to receive data via your TTL to USB converter. Correct data is stat with "0X55 55" ( HEX format ), like the picture which Mr @cek mentioned above.

Except for using cool term, you also could use the executable file which can automatically match the correct baud rate and connect with IMU, besides, this executable file is also running as a web server, you will find Aceinna navigation studio connect with IMU now.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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