How to get data of OpenIMU300ZA directly?

I just want to get IMU 9 DOF data, and use these data in my ROS project. If I can use some drivers to get data with C++ or python directly in my ROS project?


hi @YaoHan404 ,

I'm assuming that you communicate with IMU via UART.
We have an openimu driver which can be downloaded from
You will find how to parse IMU data in function parse_buffer() in file.
"z1" packet is the IMU 9 DOF data you are looking for, function parse_buffer() can parse "z1", and you can find detailed description of "z1" in "app_config/IMU/openimu.json".

@ysong Thanks for the soon reply.
UART is that?

Hi @YaoHan404 ,
Connect the Micro USB interface shown in above picture to your computer, you will find a new serial port device in your device list, then you can operate this unit via serial port.

@ysong Thank you for your help.

@YaoHan404 Before you import data to your ROS projects, share one way to you how to check and record data by our python-drive in our ANS:

  • Download connecting tool based on your system on connect tab, and then running it together with USB connection with your IMU. Success pic as below in Server program:

  • Check and operating your IMU in IMU tab, if first step connecting successfully, status of IMU as below: you can play and record it by your self
    hope it good reference for you.

@cek Thank you for your help. I have checked and operated my OpenIMU300ZA in this visualization page.

@YaoHan404 Where can I get this board with the USB?

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